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The Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce is working for YOU! This energetic, success-driven organization is filled with the vision, strength and dedication to ensure the future of our business community. The strength of the Hopkins County Chamber is in its membership. We encourage you to participate in the many committees, activities and community projects that positively affect our community. Chamber events and activities are designed to encourage business community networking and to generate and support commerce within the area. 

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                                       Congratulations Winners of the 14th Annual Texas State Champion
                                                             Homemade Ice Cream Freeze Off

Super Scoop Category:

Jo Alice McCue - 1st place, Banana Pudding

Carlie Penson - 2nd place, Fire & Ice

People’s Choice AwardPeoples Choice Award:

Smiley Tooth Dentistry - Fruity Pebbles

Big Dip Novelty OtherBig Dip Novelty Other:

Dakota Watkins - 1st Place, Candy Crush

Joy Allen - 2nd Place - Cookies & Cream Caramel Sundae

Henry Penson - 3rd Place, Pecan Pie

Big Dip Novelty FruitBig Dip Novelty Fruit:

Tony Cotton, 1st Place, Black Cherry Walnut

Jo Alice McCue, 2nd Place, Strawberry Shortcake

Jo Alice McCue & Laquida Jennings,3rd Place, Rustic Apple Tart

Big Dip FruitBig Dip Fruit:

Richard Allen, 1st Place, Peach

Carlie Penson - 2nd Place, Banana

Kim Bailey - 3rd Place, Strawberry

Big Dip PlainBig Dip Plain:

Jo Alice McCue, 1st Place, Just Chocolate

Tony Cotton, 2nd Place, Vanilla

Tonya Ross, 3rd Place, Creamy Vanilla

Little Dip NoveltyLittle Dip Novelty:

Machelle Allen, 1st Place, Peanut Butter Nutty Bar

Bailey Allen, 2nd Place, Butterfinger

Crawford Johnson, 3rd Place, Rootbeer

Little Dip FruitLittle Dip Plain:

Kyleigh Allen, 1st Place, Strawberry

Addison Bowers, 2nd Place, Banana

Jonah Foster, 3rd Place, Peach